Cybersecurity for the Power Generation & Utility Industry

Cybersecurity Assessment Case Study

Improve Reliability

Revolutionary Security provided an assessment for a fleet of electric power generation facilities. The work scope included a baseline asset inventory, validation of network topology, technical vulnerability assessment, and program-level recommendations for the integration of IT and ICS/OT cybersecurity functions. The scope of the assessment included five generation sites, multiple generators, and distributed control systems (DCS) at each site and 47 disparate networks.

Highlights & Results:

  • Conducted walkthroughs of all generation facilities to identify network interconnects and undocumented assets.
  • Performed vulnerability assessment across DCS servers, workstations, and controllers as well as supporting equipment including support infrastructure, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), relays, data recorders, and other embedded devices.
  • Discovered malware latent in the control system components and assisted with remediation effort.
  • Delivered baseline asset inventory, network diagrams, vulnerability assessment report, and program-level recommendations for organizational alignment and restructuring.

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