Security Assessments & Strategy

We provide a broad range of security assessments to gauge the maturity and readiness of your enterprise to defend against cyber attacks, to identify and quantify risks, and to recommend options for mitigation.
Security Framework Assessments are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational security controls against established industry best practice frameworks, including NIST, C2M2, ISO, and FFIEC.

Advanced Cyber Assessments leverage advanced cyber defense frameworks to evaluate your organization’s sustainability and resiliency to defend against, sustain, and recover from targeted attacks and to apply intelligence and analytical models to enhance the ability to utilize proactive cyber defense.

Industrial Control System Assessments utilize proven methodologies, tools, and subject matter expertise to evaluate the security posture of your Industrial Control Systems, Process Control Networks, and SCADA environments and the risks in your Operational and Business Networks.


  • Workshops Facilitated by Experienced Practitioners
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting
  • Insightful and Actionable Recommendations
  • Briefing on Key Findings and Strategic Recommendations
  • Optional Presentations for Executive Leadership
  • Optional Post-Engagement Consulting
Our Methodology

Cyber Risk Perspectives

Our Advanced Cyber Defense Assessment measures your organization’s ability to actively defend against both broad-based and sophisticated adversaries through the perspectives of Security Architecture, Cyber Operations, and Business Assurance:

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Director, Assessments & Testing
Revolutionary Security

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