Industrial Control Systems Security

Our Industrial Control System (ICS) Security services help our clients build and operate ICS and IIOT security programs and technology across all phases of the lifecycle. This includes global assessments of your operational environment and strategic roadmaps for maturing operational security. We provide comprehensive ICS vulnerability management, testing, design, implementation, and operation of large-scale programs such as IT/OT/Physical SOC integration. Our team has experience working with numerous industry frameworks and standards including NERC CIP, NEI 08-09, IEC 62443, CFATS, DOE C2M2 and others.


  • Experienced ICS Security Practitioners
  • Strategic Partner to Enhance Security Capabilities
  • Defined Milestones and Progressive Value
  • Integrated Approach to ICS Defense
  • Industry Best Practice Alignment
  • Comprehensive and Customized Deliverables

For more information, contact:

Jason Holcomb
Director, Industrial Control Systems Security

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