Incident Response & Remediation

Our Incident Response (IR) & Remediation services provide both pre- and post-intrusion and incident response actions to enable clients to contain, eradicate, mitigate and recover from high impact intrusions. Leveraging our proven IR methodology ensures a holistic lifecycle from Incident Response Planning and Exercises to active incident response. Our impact analysis and recovery planning includes enterprise countermeasures and continuous improvement strategies to minimize future incidents. These services include enhancement of current IR capabilities across people, process and technology to improve readiness and defensive resiliency against advanced cyber attacks.


  • Experienced professionals with years of hands-on advanced cyber incident analysis, response, restoration, and remediation.
  • Crisis mitigation team available to provide immediate response and recovery actions across multiple industries and environments.
  • Scalable and customizable service offerings to meet desired incident planning, simulation, and response objectives.
  • Emphasis on holistic recovery and proactive prevention of future attacks by completing root cause analysis and assessment of enterprise-wide security gaps.

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Jeff Mucha
Vice President

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