Enterprise Security Testing

Our Enterprise Security Testing services identify vulnerabilities and provide comprehensive mitigation strategies.

Vulnerability Assessments identify and quantify security vulnerabilities in your enterprise and provide mitigation measures to reduce risk and improve defensive resiliency.

Penetration Testing, both internal and external, simulate attackers attempting to breach computer systems, networks and applications with a focus on discovery of previously unknown vulnerabilities, and development of customized actions to mitigate the risk.

LiveFire® Threat Emulation leverages sophisticated adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures to map an organization’s cyber defense capabilities, defensive resiliency, and response activities across people, process and technology to generate a comprehensive heat map of the residual threat landscape. Delivered with a series of tactical and strategic recommendations, LiveFire® reporting enables the critical discussions on enterprise defensive depth by providing real-world adversarial detail well beyond the scope of an average penetration test.


  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Pragmatic, Quantitative Risk Ratings
  • Tactical Remediations and Strategic Recommendations
  • Real-World Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
  • Expert Penetration Testers and Security Consultants
  • Flexible services and offerings tailored to your business; not just a one-size approach

For more information, contact:

Stephen Snyder
Director, Assessments & Testing
Revolutionary Security

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