Cybersecurity for Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Penetration Testing & Cloud Services Case Study

Low-Impact Methods Yield High-Value Results

Revolutionary Security provided external and internal penetration testing and a cloud services assessment for an upstream oil and gas company. The testing identified vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses for which the client began immediate remediation activities. The scope of the assessment included IT and PCN components covering thousands of oil and natural gas wells.

Highlights & Results:

  • Performed passive discovery of the client’s Internet footprint using DNS records, domain registrations, and other open source information sources.
  • Conducted external penetration testing of Internet-facing systems.
  • Conducted internal penetration testing that included discovery, identification of vulnerabilities, and exploitation and post-exploitation steps where appropriate.
  • Reviewed security configuration and provided recommendations for Microsoft Azure cloud services.
  • Provided capstone report with a roadmap of prioritized remediation actions.

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