OT Cyber Acceleration for the Manufacturing Industry

High Technology Manufacturing Case Study

Secure the Product Line

Revolutionary Security provided an assessment to better understand OT operational environments, network connectivity, business impacts, and vulnerabilities. These environments included assets and networks outside of those typically managed and governed Information Technology (IT) and also included various industrial applications, laboratories, manufacturing plant floors, industrial automation, and building management systems.

Highlights & Results:

  • Identified common gaps across the multiple disparate manufacturing environments.
  • Investigated and analyzed different approaches across each site, including network architecture, infrastructure services, and data analytics utilized to protect the manufacturing environments.
  • Provided detailed recommendations for each site and common service offerings to improve security across all facilities.
  • Aligned recommendations to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to identify relevant focus areas for improvement.
  • Identified best practices at each site that could be leveraged across the enterprise to allow for a consistent application of security practices throughout the numerous environments.

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