Incident Response & Remediation Advisory

Oil & Gas Cyber-Attack Remediation Case Study

Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Company Recovers from Ransomware

Revolutionary Security responded after an oil and gas company suffered a ransomware incident significantly impacting IT assets.


  • Conducted forensics activities to safely and securely acquire system images of troubled assets.
  • Identified, extracted, analyzed, and reported on malware artifacts to illustrate adversary actions and accurately identify scope of infection and extent of damage.
  • Coordinated closely with client security team resources to repair, reinforce, and build defenses and logging infrastructure.
  • Provided close support and assistance to client through every step of the incident response process.
  • Organized long-term goals and recommendations for client to continue improving their enterprise cybersecurity defenses.


  • Uncovered adversary actions and scope of infection including signs of long-term targeting and adversary control over important segments of the network and numerous privileged accounts.
  • Assisted with attacker eviction and network defense reinforcement

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