Cybersecurity for Financial Services & the Insurance Industry

Integrated Enterprise Defense Assessment & Strategic Roadmap

Proactive Defense for Global Organization

Revolutionary Security provided a comprehensive analysis of its current cybersecurity capabilities and established a strategic roadmap to prioritize and maximize the value of its investments. The roadmap provided a comprehensive implementation strategy with actionable recommendations for integrating cybersecurity functions, advancing their technological posture, and establishing long-term sustainability.

Highlights & Results:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of all security program functions across the organization.
  • Included three different aspects of the enterprise – business assurance, cyber operations, and security architecture – and assessment of 18 separate security domains.
  • Identified risks and gaps, culminating in 86 actionable recommendations for improved security and defenses.
  • Developed a comprehensive threat profile, measuring risk from various groups/actors and likelihood of attack.
  • Created a security technology capability matrix, measuring security tools against the cyber-attack lifecycle.
  • Provided a strategic roadmap and staffing adequacy analysis using a phased approach toward desired-state maturity.

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