Proactive Programs Create Defensive Value

How quickly can you identify and resolve vulnerabilities?


Compress the time from discovery through remediation to reduce risk

A vulnerability management program can serve as a significant force for enterprise risk reduction. Through the timely application of security patches, configuration changes, and code fixes, weaknesses are resolved which could otherwise be exploited by adversaries. Success in vulnerability management depends on a comprehensive, integrated approach across the enterprise. Success criteria include complete coverage of vulnerability management technologies, repeatable and effective procedures, and strong partnerships between the cybersecurity organization and technology owners.

Create a risk-based approach for identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities.

  • Consider asset criticality and vulnerability severity when addressing alerts.
  • Engage stakeholders across all security functions.
  • Build repeatable and measurable processes aligned to the vulnerability management lifecycle.

Our cybersecurity practitioners partner with your organization to offer unbiased insights on tools and technologies, develop customized runbooks, and advise on vulnerability management program best practices.

We help your team identify risks across organizational lines, implement tactical and strategic mitigations, expedite the remediation of vulnerabilities, evaluate and enhance the organization’s vulnerability technology capabilities, and establish a sustainable Vulnerability Management Program.

Vulnerability Management Program Imperatives:

  • Determine the greatest threats to the organization (human and technological).
  • Identify and catalogue the most critical assets.
  • Sweep all environments for known vulnerabilities at regular intervals.
  • Utilize a risk-based and business-aligned methodology for remediation and prevention of vulnerabilities.
  • Track meaningful metrics on the portfolio of vulnerabilities over time.
  • Communicate with asset owners throughout the vulnerability management lifecycle.

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Creating Cross-Functional Value

Design your vulnerability management program to be a proactive resource within your security operations organization.

Asset Discovery

Older networks often include unknown or unsupported legacy systems. Our asset discovery process identifies both known and unknown assets and devices for asset management teams. Additionally, we identify the business owners of discovered and known assets and devices.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a proactive measure to identify vulnerabilities within your environment. We work with you to create and maintain asset groups and schedule scans based on priority, availability, and system constraints. Scanning performance and scope are continuously tuned to ensure optimum results while minimizing negative impacts and avoiding disruptions.

Compliance Scanning

Whether HIPAA, PCI, or other industry standards, our compliance scanning approach provides device status and/or asset compliance within the identified policies. Scan results can be used to satisfy regulatory bodies and serve as an enhancement to the standard vulnerability management program.

Web Application Scanning

All web and mobile applications should be tested regularly to identify vulnerabilities and new applications must be scanned as part of the pre-production security process to prevent vulnerabilities. Our web application scan approach looks at services associated with web and application hosting servers to identify vulnerable code or designs that could be exploited by an attacker. 

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