OT & IoT Assesments and Device Testing

Can your OT environment outpace cyber threats?

Validate your OT security program effectiveness

OT assets may look and behave like IT assets in some ways, but that doesn’t mean they can be implemented, managed, operated, or assessed in the same way.

Our OT security program assessment evaluates specific OT technologies, environments, or plants, to identify security issues and architectural risks. Whether segmented or integrated with corporate global IT networks, we identify vulnerabilities in OT and IoT, across the network, operating system, software, firmware, and hardware levels.

We outline a tailored approach that aligns to the needs of the environment and the business. Using best-of-breed tools and processes, our team gets the most relevant data without disruption to the production process.

In the end, our goal is to help OT organizations do what they do, better. Reduce down time. Reduce outages. Reduce risk exposure. And reduce friction points between IT and OT security requirements by enabling data sharing and interoperability in a way that doesn’t negatively affect operations.

Service Components

A comprehensive program assessment may include the following components.

Vulnerability Assessments & Tests

Always-on access to critical devices is paramount, which means OT environments cannot be secured in the same way as traditional IT environments. But we don’t see that as a roadblock—just a detour. With a combination of industry-specific expertise and cross-industry best practices, our team provides unique insights to identify security risks to your operations. Our vulnerability assessments and tests provide detailed, actionable, and prioritized recommendations crafted specifically with the organization in mind.

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Device Testing

The scope of device testing can be the entire OT environment, end-to-end with all the systems, or a specific system or isolated sub-components that may have a higher level of risk. Those sub-components may include new devices and technology that require more intense scrutiny for their security posture and how they can affect your own OT environment or that of your potential clients or customers.

We consider network exposures and physical exposures at all levels of functionality and perform threat modeling and security testing against the network, the software application, or the firmware to identify existing entry points used to subvert the operation. For physical exposures of last mile devices, we physically open the hardware and perform in-depth, hands-on, technical testing. Getting down to the board and circuitry level, we evaluate different trust zones between CPU architecture and memory and IO to yield comprehensive findings.

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