Insider Threat Assessments

How equipped are you to protect against insider threats?

Measure your defensive posture and maximize resources to detect, prevent, and predict insider threats

Whether you need to fine-tune your existing insider threat program or build one from scratch, our experienced team of cybersecurity professionals can help. Based on the needs of your business, we will evaluate your defensive posture from the perspective of threats, technologies, and program components.

We offer two assessment types.

  • The Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment (ITVA) evaluates specific asset(s) and/or business process(es) against known vulnerabilities.
  • Our Advanced Insider Threat Readiness Assessment evaluates foundational security elements across the business to address overall insider threat program capabilities and technologies to detect and defend against insider threats.

How vulnerable is your organization to insider threats?

The Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment (ITVA) measures your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to specific insider threat indicators. As licensed practitioners of the Carnegie Mellon methodology, we evaluate the types of internal threat vectors—organizational, behavioral, and technical—that can leave your organization vulnerable to attacks. Discoveries are driven by cases collected and analyzed from the CERT Insider Threat Center. Our engagement focuses on using gathered intelligence to generate a baseline understanding of the potential internal threats to your critical assets or business processes.

How ready is your organization to protect against insider threats?

Our Advanced Insider Threat Readiness Assessment goes beyond the ITVA which addresses known vulnerabilities. Whether you have a formal insider threat program or not, our audit is designed to evaluate foundational security elements currently in place to measure your organization’s preparedness to respond to insider threats. This includes evaluating program strategies, policies, and procedures; monitoring and incident response capabilities; prevention and detection technologies; training and awareness campaigns; and risk management competencies specific to internal threats.

We provide actionable recommendations for the gaps and vulnerabilities identified to mitigate risk:

  • Insider threat maturity rating provides insights into the overall exposure and controls pertaining to insider threats.
  • Comprehensive strategic road map provides phased objectives and detailed guidance to mature your insider threat program.

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Maximize your current technology stack for defense

Don’t over-invest in technology – leverage current solutions to effectively defend against insider threats. We can analyze your existing technologies across three core domains and provide actionable recommendations to maximize your current tool set to enhance monitoring capabilities and protect against insider threats.


  • DLP
  • Web
  • Email Security
  • VPN


  • Local System Logs
  • Data/File Encryption & Decryption
  • Removable Media
  • Identity & Access Management


  • Corporate Badging Logs
  • Security Video
  • Physical Access Controls System
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