Mitigate Unintentional & Malicious Risk on the Inside

Are you doing enough to defend against insider threats?


Integrate a predictive insider threat program across the enterprise

To achieve predictive, impactful results you need to promote your insider threat prevention, detection, and response mission across security disciplines and business functions enterprise-wide. Our security specialists can help you conduct a holistic evaluation of personnel, processes, and technologies to develop recommendations for optimizing existing resources, improving processes and governance, and identifying technology gaps that can be addressed by emerging capabilities, such as user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA).  

Our services support business goals and objectives for achieving proactive, prevention-focused insider threat programs.

Insider Threat Vulnerability and Readiness Assessments

Start with a current state baseline assessment of your organization’s readiness across key foundational security elements. Workshops and follow-on discussions with stakeholders enable us to identify areas for improvement and quick wins utilizing technologies and processes that you already have in place.

Recommendations with prioritized, sequenced action plans are grouped by projects and include best practices, foundational components, defensible measures, and advanced capabilities.

Insider Threat Program Design

Effective insider threat management is dependent on a multi-disciplinary strategy and cross-functional partnerships. Our custom approach to insider threat program design considers your mission, your constraints, your resources, and your critical assets to identify behavioral and technical attributes that expose your organization to risk. We then design effective solutions that align with business processes and investigative standards to achieve mission success coupled with appropriate executive governance and oversight.

Insider Threat Program Implementation

Maximize communication across security functions and integrate existing tools to achieve program success across key activities such as insider threat detection alerts and rule creation, contextualization and triage, enhanced personnel and system monitoring, investigation and response, and reporting.

Insider Threat Analyst Immersion

Augment your team with our Insider Threat subject matter experts. We can lead and assist in advanced monitoring, analysis, and investigation to assure proper process and workflows are created, maintained, and followed. Advance your cyber analytics team’s skill sets through collaboration with our embedded analysts to accelerate program progress across typical use cases as needed such as:

  • Intellectual property theft
  • Production stoppage or sabotage
  • Access into production environments
  • Insider performing network mapping and system enumeration
  • Access to crucial data outside of normal working hours