Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

How prepared is your organization
to respond to cyber-attacks?

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Prepare today for tomorrow’s threats

Test your incident response plan against scenario-driven examples of cyber-attacks likely to target your enterprise. Tabletop exercises are the best way to examine response readiness across teams, test cyber resiliency capabilities, and practice defined processes.

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All organizations should consider engaging in tabletop exercises at regularly scheduled intervals. Exercises are also recommended as standard protocol six months after an incident to measure post-incident improvements.

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What to Expect

Scenario-Driven Learning

Learn throughout the process, think about the various “what if” situations that lead to the development of structured, prioritized recommendations.

Collaborative Deep Dive

Foster collaboration, introduce functional teams to new perspectives, and cultivate knowledge transfer across stakeholders.

Evaluate Roles & Responsibilities

Evaluate roles and responsibilities, lines of communications, and required actions of team members throughout the scenario.

Identify Gaps & Improvement Areas

Highlight, discuss, and document gaps and improvement opportunities to reduce cyber threat risk.

Review five key components to a successful tabletop exercise.

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