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Attacked? How do you recover?

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Proven incident response methodology rooted in industry best practices

Our incident response activities and advisory support services help organizations recover from cyber-attacks, learn from intelligence gained during an investigation, and improve defensive resiliency moving forward.

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Following industry best practices, our team works closely with you through every stage of incident response, from identification and analysis through containment, remediation, and recovery.

Engagement components include:

  • Digital Forensics – Safely and securely extract key artifacts for analysis.
  • Malware and Artifact Analyses Produce actionable intelligence and indicators to use in various response activities
  • Incident Root Cause Analysis – Determine why the incident occurred and how the threat actor was able to succeed
  • Incident Peer Review – Verify results and findings of active and/or closed investigations.
  • Incident Report – Summarize investigation and response activities, key artifact analysis, and recommendations

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Service Benefits

Business Aligned

Tailored engagement models align to your needs and business objectives

Certified Experience

Incident response analysts with GIAC GCFE, GCFA, GCIA, GCIH, and GREM certifications provide expert guidance and support

Industry Proven

Proven methodology drives recovery and builds proactive capabilities to prevent future attacks

Swift & Decisive

Return business to normal operating conditions while preserving necessary artifacts for incident reporting deliverables and lessons learned

Drive comprehensive analysis and empower your team through the recovery process.

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