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Why you need an Incident Response Plan

When reputation, revenue, and public trust are at stake, it is critical your organization can identify and respond to security incidents and events quickly. Cyber-attacks, in particular malware, are more sophisticated and dangerous than ever. Having an incident response plan in place ensures your team knows immediately what to do following a breach.

What is an Incident Response Plan?

Specifically, incident response plans define what your company considers a breach, roles and responsibilities of your security team, tools to use to manage a breach, steps to address a security incident, how the incident will be investigated and communicated, and notification requirements following a data breach.

With the support of our cybersecurity experts, your team will feel confident in their ability to quickly respond and remediate should you face an attack.

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Incident Response Services

Work with us to test your organization’s readiness, identify issues and areas for improvement, and immediate assistance following an incident.


IR Plans & Procedures

Develop reliable plans and strategies

Partner with an experienced investigative team to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your business priorities, your organizational structure, and your industry threat landscape.


Tabletop Exercises

Prepare today for tomorrow’s threats

Practice incident response activities and identify improvement areas.

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Analysis & Remediation

Rebound, rebuild, and grow

Leverage our experts and experience to remediate, gather intelligence, and hone your defenses.

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