Cybersecurity Framework & Baseline Assessment

How does your network maturity stack up?

Measure program effectiveness and implement actionable recommendations for improvement

Our security framework assessments evaluate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity controls against established industry best practices and provide actionable, realistic recommendations for improvement. Our framework-based assessments are divided into three categories: foundational, comprehensive, and advanced. Each assessment begins with an exploratory review of architecture, process, and policy documentation as appropriate to eliminate redundant questions and guide targeted conversations.

Our integrated enterprise security approach provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and managing cybersecurity risk and maturing organizational capabilities. Communicate risk, prioritize programs, and ultimately build the defensive maturity necessary to outpace today’s cyber threat landscape.

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Align your cyber assessment with your business objectives


Provides a foundational baseline assessment for cybersecurity activities within an organization. These assessments are appropriate for organizations looking to establish cybersecurity capabilities.

Foundational assessment examples include CIS Critical Security Controls and C2M2.


Provides assessments using a more mature cybersecurity framework for organizations looking to take their capabilities to the next level. These assessments are appropriate for organizations looking to mature their current cybersecurity capabilities.

Comprehensive assessment examples include NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), ISO 27001, and DFARS.


Provides organizations with an assessment of their full stack of cybersecurity capabilities for all facets of information security. These assessments are appropriate for organizations with dedicated cybersecurity resources looking to invest in maturing their capabilities to an advanced level.

Advanced assessment examples include our proprietary Advanced Cybersecurity Framework.

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