Integrated Cyber Defense

Integrate cyber defense measures across the enterprise

Design to scale.
Build to mature.

Advancing a cyber defense organization requires resilient operations, integrated threat intelligence, and an inclusive approach across the enterprise. Review our service offerings for key cybersecurity program areas.

Security Operations Transformation

Build and integrate to outpace cyber threats

Take your network defense strategy beyond traditional monitoring. Build and integrate the functions and capabilities needed to proactively defend your enterprise against an ever-evolving threat landscape. Automate response to routine activities to maximize SOC analyst efficiency. Transform from an alert-driven SOC to a threat-driven security operations organization with an integrated enterprise defense strategy that addresses business assurance, security architecture, and cyber operations.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Detect threats before they attack

When it comes to detecting and mitigating threats, do you know which adversaries are planning an attack and what they are after? To stay ahead of threats, we can help you design, build, and implement a cyber threat intelligence program that delivers actionable intelligence for proactive security operations.

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Threat Hunting

Execute behavior-driven campaigns for proactive defense

There are always pockets of the network you just can’t see. Threat hunting programs enable proactive interrogation of threat activity within your environment. Using focused hunt plans and threat intelligence resources, smart analysts can outpace cyber threats when they’re properly trained, tooled, and integrated. Let’s check for blind spots.

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Vulnerability Management

Reduce risk across organizational boundaries

Vulnerabilities are published daily. How are you handling them? The integration of technology, people, and processes across all security functions is critical to vulnerability management program success. Get proactive. Harden your assets before the adversary exploits weaknesses. We can help you create a risk-based approach for identifying, classifying, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerabilities to keep your organization out of the headlines.

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Insider Threat Mitigation

Expand your program across the enterprise

Trusted users can be either your biggest risk or your strongest ally. Protect your organization with an enterprise-wide, proactive Insider Threat Program capable of detecting and defending against insider attacks.

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Cloud Security

Enable secure cloud adoption

Securely deploying cloud services at the speed of business is a struggle for all organizations. Evolving environments can quickly invalidate security strategies leaving businesses exposed to vulnerabilities. But there’s good news! We can help you define your secure cloud architecture, configurations, and security operations runbook. Plotting a path to a more effective security model is simpler than you think.

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OT Network Defense

Integrate security operations across your enterprise

Cyber threats can navigate between OT and IT networks—are you prepared? The way to stay ahead is to build a defensive posture and to see the threats before they hit. We can help you design and build a holistic cybersecurity program that increases your defensive capabilities and improves visibility and situational awareness on both sides of your network.

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"Make ‘security’ part of the conversation from the start. Create a culture of security awareness from design to implementation."
Jon Taylor
Senior Manager, OT Services
Lead, OT Program & Governance Services

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