Proactive Cyber Threat Defense Capabilities

Can your SOC identify cyber threats prior to impact?

Centralize operations and intelligence to proactively detect and defend against emerging threats

Staying ahead in business requires you to get ahead of cyber threats. This means going beyond monitoring and reacting to threats by building a proactive cyber threat intelligence (CTI) program. With proactive CTI you keep your organization informed of the risks of advanced and zero-day threats and exploits, and gain insights needed to implement threat-justified defenses.

At the core of the CTI program is your cyber defense organization. The team’s success relies on an inclusive approach across the enterprise—one that embraces cybersecurity as a key component of the organization’s culture. We help drive this enterprise integration as a critical element for maintaining a sustainable and resilient security program.

Our Approach

  • Determine your priority intelligence requirements to drive program development.
  • Build an industry-specific threat profile that includes the motives, intentions, and capabilities of threat actors targeting your business.
  • Scope the technology, people, and process requirements needed to successfully manage intelligence on emerging threats.
  • Design and operationalize a threat-driven defense model that enables your SOC to identify threats prior to impact.
  • Improve your SOC’s capabilities to collect, analyze, enrich, and disseminate threat intelligence.
  • Align technology, people, and processes to ingest internal and external intelligence and drive actionable intelligence into daily operations.

Build Threat-Driven Operations

CTI is an integrative discipline that must balance intelligence requirements, sources, and actions in order to be useful. Both internal and external context are important to establishing those elements. We can help your organization combine these three perspectives for CTI program success.


Proactive risk
reduction is possible.

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