Reduce Risk Across Your Largest Attack Surface

Has your cloud adoption needs outpaced your cyber defense strategy?


Securely adopt cloud services at the speed of business

The cloud continues to transform business. Rapid deployment models allow for increasingly flexible configurations but not without increased security risks. As cloud services become more diverse and more complicated so does securing these resources.

Without a flexible security strategy in place to account for rapid changes in the corporate environment and cloud application configurations, breaches are inevitable.

We work with clients to assess, architect, and build scalable cloud security programs that promote the secure use of more efficient and cost-effective technologies, faster.  

Avoid getting locked into one vendor. We build proactive solutions of security strategies that give you the ability to securely use services in a multi-cloud environment. With a zero-trust model, combined with identity and access management and endpoint protection, you can quickly adopt services from different cloud vendors without compromising the security of existing corporate assets. Frequent, automated assessments of cloud environments and configurations ensure these services are secure as they update.

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Cloud Security
Service Components


Know where your cloud configuration could fail

A modular security assessment begins with a security evaluation of the smallest components of cloud systems and containers to determine the overall security profile for your cloud services (hosted or utilized). The security configuration is then compared to a modular baseline derived from relevant benchmarks to identify gaps and risks. Select modules as single assessments or grouped with other modular assessments for a more flexible model.

Modular cloud security assessments include:

  • Office 365 configuration
  • Container security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Azure baseline
  • AWS baseline
  • Transparent encryption


Architecture Adoption

Design cloud components to self-defend

Configuration capabilities are developed quickly and released often. We account for changing configurations and enable modules to defend themselves for proactive defense. Whether you’re new to running workloads in the cloud or run hundreds of microservices in Kubernetes (K8s), our six steps to a proactive cloud security strategy will mature your organization’s security posture and develop a proactive approach to new threats.

This approach reduces the largest attack surface – configurations – through ongoing security configuration evaluation allowing each cloud component to proactively defend itself through layered defenses.


Cloud/SOC Integration

Integrate cloud capabilities and SOC functionality

Whether you have an in-house SOC or outsource to a managed security service provider (MSSP), we can help.

We work with clients to develop processes, procedures, and administrative functions to translate cloud security into a SOC-consumable form so that security teams can effectively respond to incidents and remediate threats.


Governance & Compliance

Prepare for audit success

Prepare for your compliance audit with our cloud security audit readiness service. Evaluate your controls against regulatory compliance including NERC CIP, PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 Type 2, and more. Leave no room for costly repeat audits. We can also assist with self-assessments and best practices.

Build and mature your cloud governance framework

The availability of cloud services presents security framework challenges. Governance policies should specifically address cloud services. Without a governance framework, accountability is difficult to enforce, assuming security is even aware of shadow IT applications. Whether you are looking to gain visibility into cloud services, monitor SLAs, restrict and protect cloud data, or enforce company policy, we have the experience and expertise to assist.

cloud security 6-step build process diagram

Is your security strategy built for the speed of cloud?

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