Cyber Breach & Attack Simulation with LiveFire

How resilient are you to targeted adversaries?

Determine if your enterprise is defensible against all levels of cyber attacks

Be certain about your cybersecurity capabilities. LiveFire® Advanced Threat Emulation (ATE) is a breach and attack simulation (BAS) service designed to proactively test cyber threats to an enterprise across the various phases of an adversary’s lifecycle. Using common analysis frameworks such as Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Kill Chain® and MITRE ATT&CK™, LiveFire executes hundreds of discrete test cases that combine to create thousands of permutations of how an attacker might compromise your environment. In addition to testing technical control effectiveness, LiveFire measures the enterprise security team’s response to various attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)—which TTPs were stopped, which were detected and if they were responded to, and which elicited no response.

Results reveal defensive gaps across people, process, and technology, and can be used to prioritize security projects and remediation activities for enterprise risk mitigation.

Understand your attack surface, adjust to evolving organizational priorities, and effectively defend against advanced cyber threats. Be confident with LiveFire Advance Threat Emulation services.

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Common Use Cases for LiveFire

Purple Teaming

How well prepared is your organization to monitor and respond to active threats?  With our BAS service, your staff can practice responding to simulations as though they are real attacks. Train to reduce reaction time to real-world attacks with well-orchestrated, rehearsed processes.

Proof-of-Concept Testing

How can you best test security controls during a POC project? Test your potential purchases against simulated adversary scenarios before you buy them. Use our BAS service to evaluate competing vendors in your POC testing to vet the best choice and work with vendors on configuration best practices before your purchase.

Controls Effectiveness Testing

How do you know your current controls are effective? Use our LiveFire service to identify gaps in your tooling to enhance existing configurations, process, or personnel skills. Leverage BAS findings to work with your team and your vendors to increase their effectiveness.

What could LiveFire find in your environment?

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