Evaluate your programs and prioritize your path to proactive defense.

Get ahead to stay ahead.

Assess to make sure.
Test to be sure.

Are you keeping up with today’s threat landscape? Evaluate the maturity and readiness of your enterprise's applications to identify threats, quantify risks, and prioritize mitigations. Test to prove effectiveness, identify vulnerabilities, and strategize to improve.

Framework-Based Assessments

Proven approach for actionable results

How effective are your organizational cybersecurity controls? Our security framework assessments evaluate your current security programs against established industry best practices and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. Choose from various foundational, comprehensive, and advanced level assessments including, but not limited to NIST, ISO, CIS, C2M2, DFARS, CFATS, GDPR, and FFIEC.

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Penetration Testing

Test your defenses with attack simulation

Do you know where you’re vulnerable? Using internal and external simulated attacks, Penetration Testing can discover your unknown vulnerabilities. Our cybersecurity experts are masters at finding entry points other teams miss and developing customized action plans for you to quickly mitigate risk.

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Breach & Attack Simulation

LiveFire® Advanced Threat Emulation

Investments in more security are made yet breaches persist. How can you be sure your technical controls, processes, and people are as effective as planned? We can help you determine if your enterprise is defensible against all levels of cyber attacks with LiveFire® Advanced Threat Emulation.

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Insider Threat Assessments

Protect your network from the inside out

Employees, suppliers, and others with access to your network pose an increased threat to your organization. We can test your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to specific insider threat indicators. Partner with us to evaluate your critical assets and processes for vulnerabilities, including components of your existing insider threat programs.

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OT Assessments & Tests

Prove and improve cyber defenses

Are your industrial networks and ICS/SCADA systems vulnerable to sabotage and espionage? Trust our proven methodologies, tools, and subject matter experts to safely evaluate your security posture and recommend improvements.

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"There’s a level of customization to what we do. We’re not beholden to the framework—we let the client’s need dictate the path forward."
Andrew Tice
Manager, Assessments & Tests

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