IT-OT Integration & Advanced Monitoring and Response

Can your SOC defend the OT network?


Improve OT & IT situational awareness and visibility for cyber success

When security operations centers (SOCs) lack visibility into the operational technology (OT) side of the house, organizations are at risk. Enterprise security must address OT network defense as a critical component of a mature cybersecurity posture. The ideal solution is a holistic view of both OT and IT environments from a single dashboard monitored and managed by teams trained to recognize anomalies and identify exposure, with the appropriate context of the operating environments, across all systems and devices.

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Establish a Baseline

Starting with a technology assessment, we identify current SOC toolsets you can leverage to integrate log sources and data feeds from both OT and IT. Working with your key control systems personnel, we document current hardware and software in use, as well as current processes for data transfer. Equipped with this detailed baseline, we provide you with informed recommendations to bridge the gaps and improve your network and system situational awareness and visibility.

Build Your OT Monitoring & Response Capabilities

Armed with an understanding of your baseline tools, technology, and processes, we create runbooks to formalize analysis processes, bridge knowledge gaps between IT and OT infrastructure, and ensure consistent and repeatable workflows are followed.

Understanding your current visibility is key to ensuring adequate OT monitoring and response capabilities. There are several commercially available security products that will help you gain additional visibility and monitor threats across your OT network. While security products do earn their place as essential to network security monitoring, they will never truly replace the effectiveness of skilled human analysis, detailed processes and workflows, and a complete understanding of your network environment all in the context of your specific business. Your analysts, processes, and security appliances must work together to achieve a mature monitoring and response capability.

Design Your Operational Security Model

When considering your OT monitoring needs, it’s important to adopt the right operational security model. Improving your SOC with the right people, processes, and technology will serve the business, reduce risk, increase safety, and ensure properly maintained processes. Three common operational build models include: integrated IT/OT SOC, dedicated OT SOC, or a hybrid model. Each model has certain advantages and limitations, and the decision is ultimately determined by your business' specific needs, capabilities, and expectations.

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