NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment for Chemical Manufacturer

Chemical Manufacturer Case Study

Measure Program Effectiveness

Revolutionary Security provided independent cybersecurity program assessment that utilized the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). In addition to the NIST CSF, the assessment also analyzed the IT security functions, along with regulatory and compliance requirements, and treasury functions and security controls.

Highlights & Results:

  • Included detailed findings with prioritized recommendations and implementation strategies to improve security posture.
  • The 80+ recommendations were characterized in terms of defensive value along with constraints in terms of cost, schedule and time to implement.
  • NIST CSF scoring for all functions, categories, and sub-categories along with industry comparisons of the NIST CSF scores.
  • Analysis of cybersecurity organization, treasury functions, and compliance requirements.
  • Established threat and risk profiles to identify the likelihood of an attack, the potential impact of a successful attack that included the threat actor intent, opportunity, and capability.

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