Multi-Vector Threats and the Argument for Greater Convergence

Multi-Vector Threats and the Argument for Greater Convergence

In a recent article released in the “Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal” experts from Revolutionary Security and its strategic partner, Guidepost Solutions, discuss how companies are managing risks due to multi-vector threats to the corporate enterprise. The article titled, “Multi-vector threats and the argument for greater convergence”, examines how organizations must adapt and evolve their security operations to protect against multi-vector threats across information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and physical security.

Cyber threats have traditionally been associated with an adversary remotely attacking a corporation's networks and resources. However, as cyber defenses improve, adversaries are turning to physical access to commence the attack process for conducting malicious operations. To mitigate this risk within the enterprise, the IT, OT and physical security groups are converging security operations into a combined joint security operations center (JSOC).

"Defending large and targeted corporations requires a commitment to a holistic cyber defense program that includes both physical and logical threat coverage," stated Jason Holcomb, Director, Industrial Control Systems Security at Revolutionary Security. "As companies seek to approach risk from an enterprise perspective and as technology draws IT, OT and physical security closer, convergence of security operations will continue in order to provide a proactive structure to address multi-vector threats to an organization."

Additionally, best practices have shown that executive leadership support, advocacy, and empowerment is crucial to effectively transform and sustain and integrated, multi-vector threat defense program. If done properly, the combined JSOC is the most effective way to manage security risks across the enterprise. The article addresses how organizations can best integrate disparate functions, situations where cohesion is most effective, and best practices to increase the effectiveness of security operations integration.

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