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Cyber Intelligence Leads to Resiliency

Security by Compliance Within this blur of a technology driven society, time and time again we see companies that have designed a security operations center to meet their compliance needs, and yet still appear on the evening news as being a victim of a cyber attack.  Security’s goal, protecting the digital assets of an organization from attacks, differs from that of compliance, which is ensuring that the organization meets regulatory requirements. For examples of how an organization may be compliant with [...]

Everyone Knows Your Wi-Fi Password…Eventually

A good network administrator knows that a strong Wi-Fi password is crucial. Some even put up with the hassle of regularly scheduled password changes. However, not everyone has a deep understanding of why it is dangerous to deviate from these procedures. Knowing how Wi-Fi passwords are compromised can help convince administrators to use and stick to these best practices. Having a basic understanding of brute-force cracking can help them select a password that will be resilient to this type [...]