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Data Security, APT Activity, and Inherited Risk for ICS

In traditional IT security, there is heavy focus on data — data security, data breaches, data loss. It has often been said “it’s all about the data.” This generally isn’t the case for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). There are a few exceptions, but you will often hear discussion about the C-I-A triad for ICS where ‘C” (confidentiality) takes a lower priority position behind Availability and Integrity. I’d like to challenge this notion, not from the angle of data within [...]

Validating Security Controls and Countermeasures with Penetration Testing

It’s been a few weeks and the dust is starting to settle following the reported data breach in September 2017 at Equifax, one of the big three credit reporting agencies. While other major data breaches have been the result of advanced methods possibly utilizing leaked classified attack techniques, this attack was performed by exploiting a well-known vulnerability within a popular web application. Although this vulnerability had a corrective software patch available, it was not applied to the vulnerable servers. In [...]